Colourful graphic drawing of 4 women, smiling and holding STEM equipment

The Future You program encourages children to imagine a possible future in STEM.

A new Future You STEM careers website has launched!

Future You aims to challenge stereotypes and encourage children aged 8 to 12 to become interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This free, evidence-based and curriculum-aligned program shows kids future opportunities awaiting them in STEM. Through films, short stories, posters, downloadable activities and competitions, Future You provides inspirational role models for children. It also offers practical advice on what they can do now to start their journey.

The Australian Government funds the program, and the Office of Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador delivers it.

Colourful graphic drawing of woman looking up to the sky

Women in STEM Ambassador Professor Lisa-Harvey-Smith (aka Lisa Stargazer) is one of Future You’s inspiring pathfinders

The Future You website is part of the government’s action towards improving diversity in the STEM workforce. STEM will be a major growth area for jobs of the future, but there is currently a shortage of people who have the skills we need to tackle our greatest challenges.

Explore Future You resources and find out about this inspiring initiative at