Graphic with the number 75 and writing: Australia celebrates India 1947-2022

In the same year that India marks 75 years of independence, the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund turns 15.

The Australian Government is celebrating 15 years of the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) in the same year that India marks 75 years of independence. The fund supports scientists and innovators in India and Australia to collaborate on cutting-edge research in strategically focused areas.

The fund has supported over 360 collaborative activities in a wide range of mutual priority areas since its establishment. These areas include:

  • agriculture
  • renewable energy
  • nanotechnology
  • food and water security
  • vaccines.

The AISRF is the government’s largest bilateral science program. Our department and the Indian Government’s Department of Science and Technology and Department of Biotechnology jointly administer this program.

The AISRF currently comprises 2 components:

  • Collaborative research projects – brings together Australian and Indian research institutes to work on leading-edge scientific research and technology projects.
  • Early and mid-career researcher fellowships – supports high performing researchers to work with leading researchers at major science and technology organisations.

This year the fund was made ongoing. This ensures the program will support priorities and challenges into the future and provide certainty to researchers in Australia and India to continue their impactful work.

We invite you to look back on 15 projects that showcase the breadth and depth of research supported by the fund:

A new round of funding for collaborative research projects under the AISRF will open in early 2023.

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