Diversity in STEM: Let’s talk solutions

We’ve received great insights from a wide range of people since sharing our dialogue starter in March 2023. We’re learning more about the barriers and challenges you face in STEM. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this important dialogue so far.

Emerging themes and contributions received so far include:

  • Leadership, accountability, governance and inclusive cultures are crucial for creating positive change.
  • The power dynamics involved in representation, engagement and decision-making are both barriers and opportunities.
  • How to interpret ‘STEM’ and why it’s important to have diversity and inclusion.
  • Evidence and data must underpin action.

Some insights shared with us so far

"…the most significant place where there's been progress is the fact that diversity and inclusion is being seen now as a legitimate business conversation and worthy of the time and the commitment of the leaders of Australia's biggest institutions and worthy of resourcing and worthy of a broader commitment. Now that's not universal across the economy, but that didn't exist when I started in this space."
- Lisa Annese on leadership, accountability, governance and inclusive cultures 

"…since becoming part of the transgender community, I’ve come to see a wide range of transgender individuals engaging in STEM activities on a daily basis. Every single one of these people has a story that is fascinating, the kind of story that if I’d heard growing up might have made all the difference in letting me know I wasn’t alone and potentially changed my life and career trajectory." 
- Dr Amber Salmon on representation

"…not just for First Nations people but for a lot of people they don't recognise that they probably do play a role in STEM, because as a woman in STEM you think that you need to be a software designer or mathematician or whatever it may be, and if you don't have that kind of technical capacity, then maybe you don't fit in that basket.… but I still think it's really important to think wherever you start your journey, it's probably important to feel more included in that community."  
- Peta-Anne Toohey on interpreting STEM

"We can't build self-determination in our communities if the money continues to go through to non-Indigenous organisations, yes, they hire Aboriginal people. That is great. But if we really wanna breed reconciliation and build self-determination into our communities, we need to support Aboriginal-run businesses instead of supporting the same old people that don't get the results."
- Corey Tutt OAM on evidence and data

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