Community Benefits Programme supports upgrades to Quorn Men’s Shed

New facilities at the Quorn Men’s Shed benefits the broader community at one of the proposed sites for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.
Two members of the Quorn Men’s Shed smile in their work clothes.

Camaraderie in the Quorn Men’s Shed.

New facilities at the Quorn Men’s Shed is benefitting the broader community.

The Quorn Men’s Shed works on fixing a lot more than just furniture. Since 1998, Men’s Sheds have brought support and advice to communities across Australia. In Quorn, the need is no different. The local group is constantly working to upgrade its facilities and services to continue the good work of the movement.

Recently, the ‘shed’ has been upgraded via a grant from the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) Community Benefits Fund.

New gear for the shed includes a router, sander and some welding helmets. The project also installed a couple of rainwater tanks and a pump to get the water moving.

The tanks will  act as a defence against any fire threatening the hall and supply water for regional firefighting.

This is a great example of how the Quorn Men’s Shed focusses on broader community outcomes.

Refurbishing the Honour Board at the Old Court House for the Quorn Heritage Society also attracted publicity.

The men wanted to do something to commemorate those who served in World War I, so they gave the board a clean-up. It had been chewed up by white ants and needed a bit of attention, but now it’s good for another century.

Since Quorn Men’s Shed began, there has been an average of around two dozen members. All have brought different skills and experience to the group.

While it’s always useful to learn a new trade – such as welding or a particular woodwork technique – the men gain other benefits.

Treasurer of the Committee, Ken Faulkner, takes the opportunity to reflect.

‘The great thing is that men can get together and talk if they need to.

‘A lot of us have personal issues – a few of us even have cancer. Being among people who understand what it feels like…well, that’s bloody priceless.’

And who is the loudest among the group? Ken reckons that if it’s not him, it must be Lotha.

‘He’s disruptive enough when we’re in the shed,’ says Ken with a smile. ‘But if he joins us down at the pub the girls will turn around and complain, “You haven’t brought that noisy bugger, have you?”’

Community funding

The NRWMF Community Benefits Programme contributed $12,500 to assist with facilities upgrade at the Quorn Men’s Shed.

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