Australia’s first Women in STEM Ambassador

Find out about Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, and what she will do as Ambassador.
Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith

Australia’s first Women in STEM Ambassador, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, is poised to lead the Government’s efforts to encourage girls and women to study and work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

The Ambassador will work on a national scale to raise awareness of the issues that can hold girls and women back from STEM study and work. She will increase understanding of the opportunities available to girls and women in STEM, aiming to increase their participation. Through her advocacy, the Ambassador will help drive cultural and social change for gender equity.

During her two-year appointment, the Ambassador will achieve these objectives in a variety of ways. Professor Harvey-Smith will engage with those already striving to achieve greater STEM equity. She will travel around the country to encourage all young Australians to get involved in STEM. As Ambassador, she will be a visible role model herself, inspiring young Australians and aspiring scientists.

And, what a role model she is!

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith has spent much of her career working to maintain and develop professional astronomical observatories, built on her lifelong passion for astronomy. She is a prolific and talented science communicator, committed to enhancing public understanding of science. This includes hosting major events such as the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science 2018, taking science questions on radio phone-in shows and presenting the popular ABC television show ABC Stargazing Live. She is an award-winning astrophysicist and her research has been published in more than 40 scientific papers.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews announced the appointment of Professor Harvey-Smith as the Women in STEM Ambassador on 13 October 2018. The Ambassador’s role is part of a $4.5 million Government package announced in the 2018-19 Budget, committed to improving gender equity in STEM.

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