Photo of global leaders at the AI Safety Summit 2024

Representatives from 10 countries, including Australia and the European Union signed the Seoul Declaration

The Australia Government is taking action on AI safety. The AI Seoul Summit held on 21 and 22 May 2024 in South Korea agreed the Seoul Declaration and Seoul Ministerial Statement. We agree to its focus on cooperation and advancing AI safety research for the benefit of our people and economy.

AI is a shared challenge and nations are responding collectively. Australia took part in the Summit with 27 other countries and the European Union.

Australia agreed to 3 outcome documents: 

  • Seoul Declaration for safe, innovative and inclusive AI: AI Seoul Summit 2024
  • Seoul Statement of Intent toward International Cooperation on AI Safety Science, AI Seoul Summit 2024 (Annex)
  • Seoul Ministerial Statement for advancing AI safety, innovation and inclusivity: AI Seoul Summit 2024.

The agreed documents build on the work of the Bletchley Declaration on AI safety.

A key outcome of this year’s summit is the commitment to deeper international cooperation and dialogue on AI between nations. The summit addressed the need to build shared understanding on the risks and harms of AI. It also called for greater cooperation between countries on the science of AI safety. 

Several countries also announced a commitment to engage through an international network of safety institutes. Australia will also join this network, with the Department coordinating activities across our AI ecosystem. We will provide more details on how experts can engage their international counterparts as part of the network soon.

The network is part of the larger government measure to ensure the design, development and deployment of AI in:

  • high-risk settings is safe
  • low-risk settings can continue largely unimpeded.