Announcing our Inclusion Strategy

Want to know how our department is creating an inclusive work environment for everyone? See our Inclusion Strategy 2021-23.
Decorative illustration showing elements of our Inclusion Strategy. The main one shows two hands holding in the shape of a heart surrounded by concentric circles.

Want to know how our department is creating an engaged and inclusive workforce? See our Inclusion Strategy 2021-23.

Our department's new Inclusion Strategy 2021-23 is now available. 

The strategy aligns with our People Strategy 2020-22, contributing to pillar one, an engaged and inclusive workforce.

Creating a workplace where all employees feel engaged, included and part of the culture is critical for our department.

Inclusion is important right now to help people realise a sense of teamwork, belonging and safety. Particularly as we adapt to new ways of working during challenging times. We also want to ensure all our employees feel confident to bring their unique skills, backgrounds, perspectives to work, and have what they need to perform at their own best.

Our diverse and inclusive culture has 5 focus areas:

  • collaboration
  • innovation
  • respect
  • excellence
  • flexibility

These align with our values and future ways of working.

Our strategy details our inclusion commitments to support staff over the next 3 years. This includes improving recruitment, career advancement, inclusion competencies, accessibility, respect and engagement, and inclusive language.

The strategy also highlights work we have been doing to progress an inclusive culture, and shows how we plan to measure our success.

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