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A new agency to manage radioactive waste


21 July 2020

The Australian Radioactive Waste Agency is the next important step in developing Australia’s radioactive waste management capabilities.

Australia beats Kyoto-era emissions reduction targets


15 July 2020

Australia beat its Kyoto era climate targets by around 80% of a full year’s emissions.

NASA’s GLOBE education program


14 July 2020

NASA and the Australian Space Agency have signed a cooperative agreement to re-engage in the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment program.

Australia set to welcome JAXA’s Hayabusa2


14 July 2020

Japan’s asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 plans to depart Ryugu in December 2019 with retrieval operations planned to occur Woomera.

Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive: have your say


13 July 2020

We’re reviewing the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive to understand its impact and operations. Feedback is welcome until 27 July.