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Licensed premises on notice to pour correct measures

Media release

19 August 2019

The National Measurement Institute has announced a one week blitz on the accuracy of alcohol measurements in licensed premises.

How do we measure things?


16 August 2019

As part of National Science Week, the National Measurement Institute has released the first of a series of videos explaining the basic units of measurement.

New compliance plan for the National Measurement Institute


4 July 2019

The National Measurement Institute’s 2019-20 National Compliance Plan will ensure all Australians are getting what they pay for.

Springfield fruit market fined for not labelling packages

Media release

21 June 2019

The National Measurement Institute referred the Queensland store for prosecution after multiple offences under trade measurement law.

World Metrology Day


20 May 2019

Celebrating World Metrology Day and the start of the redefined International System of Measurement (SI) Units.