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Video: Our North, Our Future

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November 2019

The north has always been a great place to live and do business. It’s contribution to Australia’s prosperity continues to grow. This video shows how we are progressing the northern agenda and growing a stronger north.


Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Senior Principal Scientist, Strategy and Foresight, Data 61 CSIRO

What excites me most about the North is its coherent, cogent strategy. We have identified the North as a region and it’s able to get coordination around issues that are of importance.

The north also has a lot of what the world will want in the future. It’s got tourism, close to Asia, well connect to Asia. It’s got adventure tourism, where there are massive markets. It’s also got the ability to supply the minerals required by batteries needed for this boom in renewable and electricity related technologies. So it can supply cobalt, lithium, nickel, copper for wires, these rare earth are going to be the next mining boom.

Professor Ruth Wallace, Dean of College of Indigenous Futures at Charles Darwin University

The best thing for the north, is partnership with Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal estate is huge, it is valuable and while we have done all of this work to make sure that peoples land rights are recognised, it is now time to make sure that those land rights, those cultural rights are turned into economic rights.

Professor Allan Dale, Professor of Tropical Development at James Cook University and CRCNA board member

Northern development presents an opportunity to do things in a way that really will deliver sustainability for the long term and deliver real benefit for those people who live in northern Australia.

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