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Techtonic 2.0 was Australia’s second National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit. International and local speakers explored the current and future potential of this technology.

We delivered this free online event in June 2021. You can watch the full summit on video.

Watch the introductory sessions

Keynote address

Welcoming remarks and a speech from the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.

AI applications in manufacturing

An in-depth panel discussion on AI potential in Australian manufacturing.

What is AI anyway?

A primer on AI to help you get the most from this summit.

Explore the summit streams

Putting the AI Ethics Principles into practice

Hear case studies and challenges that organisations face in ensuring ethical development and use of AI.

Next wave of AI technologies

Learn about the future of AI and what we can expect from the technology in the next 5–10 years.

How to AI-proof our workforce

Explore the impact of AI on work and skills. Learn from past waves of industry transformation.

Using AI to deliver for citizens

See how AI can benefit Australia and deliver better outcomes for regional and marginalised Australians.

Watch the closing sessions

Future opportunities for AI in Australia

An in-depth panel discussion on Australia’s AI future.

Closing remarks

A speech from the Minister for Digital Economy and reflections from Australia’s Chief Scientist.

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