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Government Response to Interim Report: Aluminium composite cladding
Publication Date: 
February 2018

The non-conforming building products issue is a complex policy challenge. The Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming Building Products examines the impact of non-conforming building products and possible improvements to the regulatory frameworks.

Whether manufactured in Australia or overseas, non-conforming building products are either:

  • materials that claim to be something they are not
  • do not meet required standards for their intended use
  • marked and supplied with the intent to deceive those who use them

Non-compliant building products are products that are used in situations where they do not comply with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).

Government response

After the tragic fire at the Grenfell tower in London in June 2017, the Committee agreed to prepare an additional Interim report on aluminium composite cladding.

The government tabled its response to the Interim Report: Aluminium composite cladding in the Senate in February 2018.

Find out about non-conforming building products on the Australian Building Codes Board website.

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