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Our vision

Australia will become a global centre for commercialising and manufacturing cutting-edge technology products and services for the global resources sector that benefit a range of other industries. 

Australia will have a strategic critical minerals processing industry that captures significant additional value, strengthens our global position downstream from our resource endowments and underpins a range of advanced manufacturing opportunities.

Our growth opportunities in Resources Technology

  • Develop technologies to drive operational efficiencies
  • Develop products that support sustainability and productivity
  • Develop technologies to recover value from waste
  • Deploy cross-cutting manufacturing technologies

Our growth opportunities in Critical Minerals Processing

  • Capture additional value from our critical raw materials
  • Build advantage through commercialisation and innovation
  • Leverage our world-class environmental, social and governance credentials

Our goals

  • 2 years: Improved capability to bring products quickly to market, through improved market development activities and investment made in critical enablers.
  • 5 years: Foster increased collaboration with relevant sectors and international supply chains, increase exports and grow private sector investment.
  • 10 years: Australia seen as a regional hub for resources technology and critical minerals processing, with significant R&D advancements, retention in intellectual capital for SMEs and significant volume and value of exports.

Unlocking our opportunities—the first 2 years

Focus: Significantly improve resources technology and critical mineral processing manufacturing capability by increasing commercialisation, utilising critical enablers and engaging in new market opportunities.

  • Build on Australia's strong track record in resources tech and processing innovation
  • Invest in critical enablers
  • Closer collaboration between tech firms and end users
  • Establish operations near processing facilities
  • Match capability to global market needs
  • Create new investments with key trading partners

Funding available

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is now open for resources technology and critical minerals processing projects that meet eligibility under its Translation and Integration streams.

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