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The road map’s vision is based on leveraging our current expertise and capabilities in our world-class resources sector. It seeks to grow the local manufacturing of resources technology and processed critical minerals here in Australia. This growth will be underpinned by:

  • commercialising more technologies
  • providing opportunities for companies to scale-up
  • lowering barriers to access capital
  • creating the right business environment for companies to compete.

The future state of manufacturing in resources technology is one where SMEs are able to grow quickly due to their hard work and innovation. To do so they must be able to translate more innovative ideas into high-value commercialised products, and manufacture more of these products in Australia. Manufacturers will have access to the capital they need to scale-up with support to demonstrate and test their technologies. A market for associated technology services will evolve. It will be based on companies supplying their products to a larger market across different sectors and countries, and will include software, digital and analytical applications.

A strategic critical minerals manufacturing industry in Australia will develop, with increasing capabilities for more sophisticated and advanced minerals processing. Australia will cleverly invest in extending our critical minerals value chain and will seek to grow disruptive technologies and capture as much additional market share as possible—without compromising competitiveness or strategic interests.

To track the progress of our efforts and actions, a number of qualitative and quantitative goals will provide markers across 2, 5 and 10 year timelines.


Success at 2 years—by end of 2022

Success at 5 years—by end of 2025

Success at 10 years—by end of 2030


  • Australia has made co-investments to set up resources technology manufacturers and critical minerals processers for long-term success.
  • Supported by Government, the sector is unlocking more commercialisation opportunities through co-investments in translation, integration, Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing and collaboration
  • There are growing rates of private sector investment in the resources technology and critical minerals processing sector.
  • Greater local manufacturing capability is being developed in the resources technology and critical minerals processing sector.
  • Growing rates of domestic manufacturing and processing is building on investments in translation, integration and collaboration.
  • Small companies have begun to scale and there are more mid and large sized companies active in Australia.
  • Scaled companies are making more globally competitive products and providing them to the international market.
  • Our manufacturers are globally competitive thanks to stronger rates of commercialisation, integration and collaboration.
  • There has been significant growth in the sector, driven by Australian companies successfully scaling.
  • Australia has an increased number of successful mid and large technology companies selling solutions to the global resources sector and other parts of industry.
  • A range of successful critical minerals processing projects have secured finance and are operating at scale.
  • These activities are driving increased jobs in the sector and delivering transformational economic outcomes for local communities.

Support greater translation and commercialisation


Helping businesses to bring their products, services and solutions more quickly to market and build their customer base, attract finance and build scale


  • Australian resources technology and critical minerals processing companies increase commercialisation of technologies and establish new processing projects onshore.
  • Government and industry co-investment are helping companies to demonstrate technologies, speed up commercialisation of good ideas, and integrate with international supply chains.
  • Co-investments in translation, collaboration and integration have enabled a greater number of high-impact companies to overcome barriers to scale and competitiveness.  
  • An increasing number of businesses, who were previously commercialising products overseas, are now doing so in Australia.


  • There has been significant growth in the resources technology and critical minerals processing sector.
  • Our resources technology manufacturers are delivering high-impact and cutting-edge technology products and services that meet complex challenges in the resources sector and other industries.
  • Our critical minerals processors are highly competitive and recognised as a world leader.
  • Small and medium-sized Australian manufacturers are retaining intellectual capital for innovative and novel solutions, leading to a more competitive and innovative market for resources technology and critical minerals processing.

Support critical minerals projects to demonstrate their processing capability and integrate with domestic and international supply chains 


Helping to develop manufacturing opportunities by processing ores onshore that meet customer requirements

  • A number of pilot projects have been developed to demonstrate technologies, showcase manufacturing capabilities, and help critical minerals processors to secure finance and offtake agreements.
  • Manufacturing coalitions with relevant domestic sectors and partner countries are being developed through collaborative projects based in Australia. These support offtake qualification and product demonstration, creating a pathway to project finance.


  • Advanced critical minerals processing in Australia is growing and companies are manufacturing key inputs in Australia for future-facing technologies, including inputs into batteries, solar panels, energy storage and wind turbines.
  • Significant economic potential is being delivered across the value chain for a range of critical minerals being processed in Australia.


Attract investment through shared infrastructure precincts which supports collaboration


Helping to develop co-located infrastructure for the benefit of the sector to reduce costs and facilitate new investment

  • Co-investments have been made in critical enablers of resources technology manufacturing and critical minerals processing at targeted points of value chains.
  • Industry and government have progressed market development activities and are engaging in opportunities to diversify and leverage existing and new partnerships.


  • Private investment in domestic manufacturing capability is growing, with increased numbers of resources technology products commercialised and critical mineral processing projects commenced.
  • Exports of resources technology and processed critical minerals products are growing, with the capability to integrate and capture additional value from domestic and international supply chains.
  • There is improved confidence and investment in supply chain capability, with access to the inputs firms need. Companies are distributing their outputs to market in a way that maximises value for Australia.  
  • Local manufacturers of resources technology and processed critical minerals products have scaled and increased the volume and value of their exports.
  • Australia has strengthened its position as a regional hub for essential resources technology and critical minerals processing, and global suppliers have established manufacturing facilities in Australia.
  • Advances are underway in R&D, design, logistics, production, distribution, sales and services. This cements Australia’s global position as a leading manufacturer of advanced and high-value resources technology and processed critical minerals products. 
  • The number of high-tech, highly-skilled jobs in the sector is growing and Australia is attracting international talent based on the industry’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Benchmarks of success

Australia’s resources technology and critical minerals processing sector will grow and transform to position Australia as a regional hub for products and technology.

The Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing road map will play a vital role in achieving these objectives, focusing on creating new jobs and businesses that grow Australia’s resources manufacturing capabilities.

To measure our progress against the vision set out in the road map, the following will be monitored over 2, 5 and 10 year periods, dependent on data availability:

  • number and value of jobs in resources technology manufacturing and critical minerals processing
  • new businesses and companies in resources technology and critical minerals processing manufacturing
  • growth in exports of resources technology and critical minerals processing
  • activities, profitability and investment in resources technology manufacturing and critical minerals processing
  • number of new resources technologies including critical minerals processing brought to market.

Many of these activities will be in new and emerging sectors and activities. New and innovative approaches are under development and may be used to identify and capture this activity.

Funding available

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is now open for resources technology and critical minerals processing projects that meet eligibility under its Translation and Integration streams.

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