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Our vision

To develop world-leading advanced manufacturers that seize opportunities from sustainability, clean energy transition, and waste reduction demands by leveraging Australia’s advantages in innovation, technology, renewable and mineral resources, and our onshore industrial base.

Our growth opportunities

Manufactured products that enable recycling or use recycled feedstock:

  • recyclable products and packaging
  • cleaner feedstocks for remanufacturing (and enabling tech)
  • products from recycled feedstocks (such as plastic, organic waste or e-waste).

Manufactured products that enable or use clean energy:

  • hydrogen tech, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cabling, thermal energy and modularised renewables (and other components for large industrial systems)
  • microgrids, inverters, electric vehicle chargers and next generation photovoltaic (PV) modules (and other enabling tech for distributed energy)
  • specialised batteries, grid-scale batteries and battery precursors (moving up the value chain, from mining to making)
  • low emissions steel and aluminium (and other energy-intensive manufacturing with clean energy and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)).

Overlapping manufacturing opportunities:

  • carbon fire and graphene (and other advanced materials)
  • recycling clean energy components (including PV panels, wind turbines and batteries).

Our goals

2 years: New technologies and products will be technically and commercially proven, and more businesses will be ready to take advantage of accelerating trends favouring sustainable production.

5 years: Businesses building on capabilities and products, with continued investment in market-leading innovations and increasing scale. Maturing markets for green technologies and products will be helping to pull this through.

10 years: Growth in Australian R&D, design, production, sales and services will cement our position as a leading manufacturer of solutions to help Australia and the world transition to more sustainable energy and material systems.

Unlocking our opportunities—the first 2 years

Focus: Developing world-leading products that take advantage of growing demand for clean green products, supporting domestic manufacturers to benefit from industry growth, and mobilising large-scale manufacturing investment in new ways of using energy and materials.

  • Develop world-leading greentech products: find, design, develop and make product solutions needed for sustainable energy and material systems.
  • Supporting domestic manufacturers to benefit from growth: tap into manufacturing opportunities flowing from large energy projects and changing consumer preferences.
  • Mobilise large scale investment in new ways of using energy and materials: consortiums across supply chain tackling barriers together.
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