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Our vision

To support a globally recognised Australian medical products industry with the capability, capacity and expertise to locally manufacture advanced and high-value medical products using sophisticated processes.

Our growth opportunities

Medical devices:

  • Smart monitoring devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Personalised implants
  • Bionics

High value-add medicines:

  • Sophisticated pharmaceuticals
  • Biologics
  • Complementary medicines

Cutting-edge treatments:

  • Regenerative medicines
  • Genomics
  • mRNA vaccines

Digitally integrated products and platforms:

  • Digitise existing medical products
  • Emerging data-driven products
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies

Animal health

  • Rapid diagnostics
  • Antimicrobials
  • Vaccines

Our goals

  • 2 years: We are unlocking commercialisation opportunities through co-investments in translation, integration and collaboration.
  • 5 years: Greater local manufacturing capability and increased international demand for Australian-made critical and sophisticated medical products.
  • 10 years: Australia has an international reputation for world-class medical products manufactured in medical precincts with significant levels of end-to-end collaboration.

Unlocking our opportunities: the first 2 years

Focus: Drive scale and competitiveness in medical product manufacturing through increasing commercialisation, translation of local research, supply chain integration and end-to-end collaboration.

  • Translate Australian research:
    • Finalise commercialisation in Australia
    • Establish first run production and prototyping
  • Integration into supply chains:
    • Launch new manufacturing operations
    • Integrate into local and international supply chains
  • Drive a collaborative ecosystem:
    • Establish medical manufacturing precincts
    • Form digital pathways for collaboration
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