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Natural Evolution — scaling-up thanks to the power of flour, credit: Natural Evolution

Natural Evolution began accidentally when Rob Watkins, a second-generation banana farmer, drove over a bunch of dried bananas.

They released a puff of flour, leading to the discovery of a superfood goldmine. When Rob accidentally discovered a rich source of resistant starch that is a gut friendly fibre, he had no idea that his business would shift from selling fresh bananas, to developing an innovative product line using unwanted waste to generate a far more successful and sustainable business.

With the help of the Australian Government, Rob and wife Krista invested in the world’s first and only pharmaceutical/nutraceutical grade processing factory that now produces a much wider range of Aussie superfoods.

Natural Evolution’s export journey began in July 2017 when it launched its business in Japan. Since then, increased demand for green banana powder has seen the company experience significant growth across all aspects of the business. Asia, UK, New Zealand to follow.

Their patented food processing technique, NutroLockTM is gaining attention from Africa, Asia and the Pacific regions who have all expressed interest in buying a licence.

The global success of Natural Evolution, thanks to this Queensland farming family committed to saving wonky bananas, shows the power of ideas and innovation in turning a problem into a global opportunity for Australian businesses.