Unlocking 20 years of trapped knowledge

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Event organiser: Data61 at CSIRO

You know how it is. You do all this work, make your recommendations, then hit save > export to PDF. And then the information sits on a drive, static and locked up, just pleading for someone to use it.

Lead scientist, Dr Stephen Wan at CSIRO's Data61 explains how he is learning to extract knowledge trapped in these tiny PDF jails.

Dr Wan is currently working on a pilot project with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Through this, he’ll see if he can extract data on endangered species, and get that knowledge out and into action. Using text analysis software, he aims to shorten the distance between words and actions. And in doing so, help out some of our most endangered furry (feathery, scaly, chitinous-ey, um, slimy? like a newt?) friends.


Watch a video of the presentation.

If you want a video transcript, contact Data61.