Turning patents inside out: exposing COVID-19 know-how

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Event organiser: IP Australia

You might not think the organisation that trademarks Australian business logos, and patents species of plants, could help the world in responding to COVID. But you’d be wrong.

When COVID hit, the folk at IP Australia stopped and asked ‘what can we do to help?’

They took stock of what they had – patent information on personal protective equipment, technology, drugs and immunisations. They looked at their analytical capability (bespoke real-time monitoring programs) and what they had access to (innovators around the world). They downed tools to bring all of these together to help countries around the globe get the resources they need. They pulled off an almighty task in making as many specialist resources as they have access to, available to the masses. So they too, could join the fight against COVID.

Hats off, IP Australia.


Watch a video of the presentation.

If you want a video transcript, contact IP Australia.