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By 2030 we will double the value of Australia’s Food and Beverage manufacturing through a focus on smart food and beverage manufacturing; innovative foods and beverages; and food safety, origin and traceability system.

Over the next decade, food and beverage supply chains are expected to become more complex. To achieve the proposed vision, Australia must focus on maximising market share, increasing collaboration and seizing emerging opportunities. For example, by manufacturing value added products and translating innovations into successfully commercialised products.

By 2030, Australia’s response in times of crisis will be more sophisticated and supported by better regulatory system design. This will be achieved by having a better understanding of consumer preferences and expectations. It will also be supported by improved detection and risk mitigation around food safety, traceability and provenance.

The vision for the sector to become more agile, scalable and resilient will:

  • build our onshore processing and packaging capability through the adoption of Industry 4.0, smart technologies such as automation, robotics, monitoring sensors and virtual systems
  • grow the sector through modernisation and investments into new and emerging value added products such as health and wellness, convenience and premium food and beverages which meet changing consumer and market demand
  • leverage and build on Australia’s strengths in food quality, safety and provenance by adopting more data-driven technologies such as blockchain, barcoding and image recognition within agricultural and food production
  • achieve scale by focusing on growth opportunity areas where Australia holds a competitive advantage
  • foster collaboration across the sector so it can remain innovative and share knowledge and learnings to collectively grow.

Funding available

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is now open for food and beverage manufacturing projects that meet eligibility under its Translation and Integration streams.

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