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Our vision

By 2030 we will double the value of Australia’s Food and Beverage manufacturing through a focus on smart food and beverage manufacturing; innovative foods and beverages; and food safety, origin and traceability systems.

Our growth opportunities

Smart food and beverage manufacturing for consumer-driven products

Responsive, fast and agile food and beverage processing and packaging to improve competitiveness and create distinctive value propositions for customers, such as:

  • automation of continuous and batch controls systems, inspection and line control systems
  • robotics, including high speed palletising machinery and soft robotic technology
  • monitoring systems for temperature, humidity and pressure, sanitisation verification.

Innovative foods and beverages

Develop innovative foods and beverages that incorporate diverse attributes to meet changing consumer needs and demands both domestically and overseas, such as:

  • food and beverages for improved health and wellbeing and enhanced nutritional value
  • products for convenience and premium offerings such as ready to eat, pre-portioned meals
  • high value add food and beverage products, such as new and enhanced proteins, including fortified breakfast cereals, antioxidant rich breads, soy and other food and beverage alternatives.

Food safety, origin and traceability systems to enhance quality and assurance required in domestic and international markets

Increasing Australia’s output of safe, healthy and sustainably produced foods by adopting new solutions to increase value differentiation of our food and beverage products in domestic and export markets, such as:

  • standardised digital labelling to provide customers (retailers and consumers) with instant information about origin of foods and production methods such as the use of QR codes on packed meat which can be read with smart technology to confirm traits such as certified organic free-range
  • blockchain technologies to securely capture and store information on origin and food safety (handling, preparation and storage) for high value add foods.

Our goals

2 years: Increasing use of smart manufacturing, and the onshoring of commercialisation and manufacturing activities to improve processing and packaging through co-investments in translation, integration and collaboration.

5 years: Manufacturers are collaborating and using smart manufacturing to respond to new and emerging food and beverage opportunities, consumer trends and market demands.

10 years: Food and beverage manufacturing value has doubled, cementing Australia’s reputation as ‘world-best’ supplier and manufacturer of premium, safe and authentic food.

Unlocking our opportunities—the first 2 years

Focus: Lifting food and beverage manufacturing capability, boosting translation, integration and collaboration. Identifying new opportunities to invest in smart manufacturing, research and boost skills and technology across the sector.

  • Invest in technology to build the foundations of smart food and beverage manufacturing
  • Advance skills across the food and beverage manufacturing sector
  • Invest in manufacturers digitalising their product information
  • Closer collaboration between industry, government and research
  • Better understanding of emerging market opportunities
  • Path from idea conception to commercialisation is accessible and achievable for industry.
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