Department of Industry, Innovation and Science: Evaluation Strategy 2017-21

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June 2019

The Evaluation Strategy 2017-2021 provides a framework to guide the performance measurement of our programs and policies. Evaluations, reviews and performance monitoring aim to ensure programs are delivering outcomes as intended. These activities also inform new policies and program design.

This strategy:

  • outlines our approach to performance measurement and reporting, according to good evaluation practice
  • establishes a protocol for policy and program areas to plan for evaluation across the lifecycle of a program
  • provides a strategic, risk-based, whole-of-department approach to prioritising evaluation effort
  • shows how evaluations may be scaled based on the value, impact and risk profile of a program
  • describes how evaluation findings can be used for better decision-making
  • describes how we’re building evaluation capability and a culture of continuous improvement
  • outlines how we will measure progress in implementing this strategy

Our evaluation strategy was first published in 2015. An Evaluation Strategy Post-commencement Review was conducted in 2017. The strategy has been updated in response to the review. The principles build on the previous work.

Supporting documents

Read our Evaluation plan 2018-22 [220KB PDF] [155KB DOCX]

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