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Our Corporate Plan 2021–22 explains who we are, what we do and where we are going.

It outlines our:

  • vision and purposes
  • strategic priorities
  • operating environment
  • cooperation with other entities
  • capability, including our enterprise strategic and operational risks
  • performance measures.

Corporate Plan at a glance

Our vision

Supporting economic growth and job creation for all Australians.

Our purposes and key activities

Purpose 1: Science and industry

  • Key activity 1.1: Investing in science, technology and commercialisation
  • Key activity 1.2: Growing innovative and competitive businesses, industries and regions

Purpose 2: Resources

  • Key activity 2.1: Supporting a strong resources sector

Purpose 3: Emissions reduction and clean energy

  • Key activity 3.1: Reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Key activity 3.2: Developing clean energy technology

Purpose 4: Energy

  • Key activity 4.1: Supporting reliable, secure and affordable energy

Strategic priorities

We will achieve our vision and purposes by:

  • taking advantage of and building on Australia’s strengths
  • helping businesses invest and create jobs
  • driving long-term productivity, growth and sustainability.

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