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Purpose and vision

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Our vision

Supporting economic growth and job creation for all Australians

Our purposes

We aim to fulfil our vision through three purposes:

  • Purpose 1: Supporting science and commercialisation
  • Purpose 2: Growing business investment and improving business capability
  • Purpose 3: Simplifying doing business

Many external factors will affect the outcomes we are seeking to influence through our three purposes. These include the global strategic and economic environment, emerging developments across science and technology, the contributions of other factors and domestic economic and fiscal conditions.

A key part of our role is to create positive outcomes for the Australian economy within a complex operating environment. We will do this by ensuring robust policy design informed by evidence and the needs of the Australian public.

Success in achieving our purposes will help improve the following aspects of the Australian economy:

  • Economic growth:
    • Growth in gross domestic product
    • Growth in gross value added by industry
  • Job creation:
    • Growth in employment
    • Growth in total hours worked
  • Productivity:
    • Growth in labour productivity
    • Growth in multifactor productivity (such as efficient use of labour and capital)

Our strategic activities

We are responsible for a diverse range of strategic activities that contribute to our purposes to help Australian business and industries to grow and prosper. We will measure our success against how we influence and aid Australia’s growth, economic resilience and transformation and uptake of emerging opportunities for the wellbeing of all Australians.

Purpose 1: Supporting science and commercialisation

Activity 1.1: Investing in innovation, science awareness and international engagement

Activity 1.2: Increasing business R&D and commercialisation

Purpose 2: Growing business investment and improving business capability

Activity 2.1: Creating more competitive marketplaces

Activity 2.2: Supporting business and market development

Activity 2.3: Supporting industry transformation by encouraging innovation and investment

Activity 2.4: Supporting the sustainable development of the resources sector

Activity 2.5: Growing a stronger northern Australian economy

Purpose 3: Simplifying doing business

Activity 3.1: Reducing the burden on industry of inefficient regulation

Activity 3.2: Providing better services and information for business