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To meet the Australian Government’s priorities, the department must adapt and be proactive and innovative as it works with its stakeholders to find new approaches to a changing environment. We will build our capability to achieve our objectives and realise our vision by investing in our people, values, processes and systems.

We aim to build a high performance organisation by:

  • being recognised as a leader in policy development and value for money program delivery on matters relevant to Australia’s industries
  • building the evidence to support policy decisions through rigorous economic analysis and research
  • working collaboratively to lead and support whole-of-government policies including the government’s approach to economic transition and regional growth; a digital economy strategy; the National Innovation and Science Agenda; and the Northern Australia White Paper
  • contributing to the government’s Shared and Common services program to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services to government
  • being a leader in delivering open government through engagement and participation
  • fostering a strong and collaborative development culture that builds employee capabilities and creates career opportunities
  • improving the delivery of internal enabling and support services through regularly reviewing key processes to: remove internal red tape, optimise the use of data and digital technologies and increase efficiency
  • being a leader in the use of flexible work arrangements to support and drive employee engagement, through working at home, shared working remote working options, reasonable adjustment, digital learning and support options and maintaining a physically and psychologically safe workplace
  • becoming an agency of choice for new and existing employees.

The People Plan 2017–20 identifies six components to support the ongoing development of a high performance organisation:

  1. Common vision and values is ensuring all staff have a shared understanding of the department’s role in delivering the government’s agenda through a unified vision, objectives and values, as well as fostering an understanding of how individuals contribute to it, and how we expect our employees to perform within a professional environment.
  2. Advancing capability is strengthening our skills to be a leader in the development of policy and program design and delivery.
  3. Strong leadership is our leaders, at all levels, modelling the APS values and communicating our vision, being accountable and guiding our people through change.
  4. Engaged staff is ensuring that staff have a personal stake in the department’s success.
  5. Collaborative, innovative and safe environment is building on shared knowledge and experiences, being open to new delivery approaches, engaging with a greater level of business risk and ensuring a healthy and safe workplace.
  6. Structure, systems and processes is the implementation of structures, systems and processes that align with the department’s vision without imposing an unnecessary burden on our stakeholders and staff.