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This activity contributes to Purpose 2: Growing business investment and improving business capability. It is composed of policy development initiatives, interventions and projects that are intended to support the competitive and sustainable development of the resources sector, attract private sector investment and encourage innovative technologies.

The department will work to deliver this activity through strategies such as:

  • promoting a highly productive and competitive sector that supports the safe and sustainable development of Australia’s mineral and energy resources, including uranium, gas and coal
  • promoting Australia’s resources interests by maintaining effective international engagement with key trading partners and multilateral forums
  • securing effective long-term management of Australia’s radioactive waste by identifying and establishing a radioactive waste management facility in Australia
  • supporting the development of Australia’s low emissions technology industries
  • supporting the sustainable development of Australia’s offshore resources by managing the offshore petroleum, greenhouse gas and minerals regimes and encouraging further investment in Australia’s offshore resources sector
  • attracting further investment in Australia’s offshore resources sector through the effective and efficient administration of Australia’s offshore petroleum titles regime.

Performance measurement and assessment

Activity 2.4: Resources

  • Sustainable development of the resources sector
  • Increased private investment
  • Uptake of innovative technologies
Contributing componentsPerformance criteria2017-18 targets2018-19 targets2019-20 targets2020-21 targets
Carbon Capture and Storage FlagshipsNumber of companies supported for the development of Carbon Capture and Storage98--
Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support PackageNumber of co-funded projects developing and demonstrating technologies funded1---
Offshore Minerals Act 1994Percentage of Offshore Minerals Act 1994 fees received paid to States/ Northern Territory for administration (%)100100100100
Maralinga MaintenanceEffective management of the Maralinga section 400 in line with obligations under the 2009 Handback Deed
National Offshore Petroleum Titles AdministratorTitles administration is effective and delivered on a full cost recovery basis, in accordance with regulatory requirements
NT Uranium Royalty (Ranger Project Area) Administration (including SPP)Efficient and effective biannual collection, payment and reconciliation of uranium royalties
Petroleum Royalties AdministrationTimely and accurate delivery of audits and monthly administration and verification of petroleum royalties
Royalty Payments WA - Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (SPP)Timely and accurate calculation, verification and advice to the Commonwealth Treasury of the amount payable to Western Australia
Radioactive Waste ManagementEffective delivery of activities supporting the government’s radioactive waste management strategy
Rum Jungle Mine Site - Environmental Rehab (SPP)Effective delivery of scheduled activities for the Rum Jungle Mine Site Rehabilitation Project
Supporting the Development of New Onshore Gas SupplyEffective delivery of the Commonwealth support to states and territories through the COAG Energy Council to improve onshore gas supply
Resource PolicyProviding timely, well founded policy advice, analysis and development to support the growth of a competitive and sustainable resources industry