Australia’s National Science Statement

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March 2017

Australia’s National Science Statement sets a long-term approach to achieving a strong science system and provides guidance for government investment and decision making.

The government’s vision is for an Australian society engaged in and enriched by science. It aims to:

  • engage all Australians with science
  • build our scientific capability and skills
  • produce new research, knowledge and technologies
  • improve and enrich Australians’ lives through science and research

The statement sets out the government’s role, focus and core principles for science policies and activities. Principles to guide government investment and decision-making include:

  • recognising science as fundamental to the economy
  • ensuring scientific research investment is focused on high-quality research
  • ensuring support for research is stable and predictable
  • encouraging and supporting collaboration across disciplines, sectors and internationally
  • maximising opportunities for all Australians to engage with the science process

This strategic long-term approach will support a strong science system that drives our economy and improves our quality of life.

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