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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Action Plan sets out a vision for Australia to be a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI.

It includes actions the Australian Government is taking to realise this vision and ensure all Australians share the benefits of an AI-enabled economy.

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Descriptive transcript

[Music plays and the title, Australia’s AI Action Plan, appears along with an image of a woman typing in front of a desktop computer. Various information appears on the computer screen.]

Artificial intelligence presents an incredible opportunity to grow our economy, create jobs and improve lives.

[Image changes to 4 women talking to one another in a meeting and passing papers.]

AI technologies:

  • help small businesses understand their customers better

[Image changes to large automated sprinkler system watering field crops.]

  • enable us to manage the environment and farm crops more efficiently 

[Image changes to large robotic units moving large packed appliance units around a factory floor.]

  • help transform local manufacturing to be competitive

[Image changes to scientists in protective clothing analysing samples behind microscope and computer screens showing DNA and images of corona virus.]

  • assist doctors to screen for cancer and COVID-19.

[Image changes to Sydney Harbour Bridge and buildings.]

Australia’s AI Action Plan sets out our way forward to establish Australia as a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI.

[Image changes to hand swiping on tablet screen showing data and a graph.]

It will:

  • support businesses to enter new markets, invest in their own digital transformation and deliver competitive products and services

[Image changes to a robotic unit moving on top of product.]

  • help industry create high-paying jobs and increase their productivity

[Image changes to female scientist testing a robotic hand.]

  • create an environment to grow and attract the world’s best AI talent

[Image changes to planet, Earth, rotating and showing Australia.]

  • position Australia as a global leader in trusted, secure and responsible AI

[Image changes to screen showing floating icons of laptops, tablets, smart phones.]

  • encourage the use of cutting edge AI technologies to solve national challenges

[Image changes to a family walking out of their house.]

  • ensure all Australians have an opportunity to benefit from AI.

[Image changes to collage of various AI applications. The title, Australia’s Action Plan and the call to action: ‘Visit’ also appears.

The Australian Government crest appears at the end of the video.]

[Music ends.]

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