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National Manufacturing Priorities Roadmap Taskforces

Our department is facilitating a co-design process to develop roadmaps against each of the National Manufacturing Priorities. We are doing this through 6 taskforces.

Each taskforce includes 4 industry representatives appointed by the Minister for their expertise and experience in the priority area. This includes their ability to leverage broad professional networks to introduce a range of perspectives in developing the roadmaps from across the priority sector. They will not be representing their businesses in this capacity.

The taskforce membership appointments also considered:

  • diversity and balanced representation (gender and regions)
  • commitment and availability to engage throughout the roadmap process
  • previous experience engaging in equivalent processes

A senior representative from CSIRO provides technical advice to each taskforce.  

Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing Taskforce

Taskforce membership:

  • Tania Constable PSM CEO, Minerals Council of Australia
  • Amanda Lacaze CEO & Managing Director, Lynas Corporation Ltd.
  • Andrew McConville CEO, Australian Petroleum Production& Exploration Association
  • Sam Riggall CEO & Managing Director, Clean TeQ
  • Dr Robert Hough Deputy Director & Science Director for Mineral Resources, CSIRO

View the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing National Manufacturing Priority road map.

Food and Beverage Taskforce

Taskforce membership:

  • Kathy Karabatsas Managing Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks
  • Tanya Barden CEO, Australian Food & Grocery Council
  • Andrew Leakey General Manager, Mars Wrigley
  • Darren Thomas CEO, Thomas Foods International
  • Dr Leif Lundin Food Program Research Director, CSIRO

View the Food and Beverage National Manufacturing Priority road map.

Medical Products Taskforce

Taskforce membership:

  • Dig Howitt CEO & President, Cochlear
  • Dennis Bastas Executive Chairman & CEO, Arrotex Australia Group of Companies
  • Dr Lesley Braun Group Director, Blackmore’s Institute
  • Charmaine England Managing Director Pacific, Johnson & Johnson
  • Dr Paul Savage Manufacturing Business Unit, CSIRO

View the Medical Products road map.

Recycling and Clean Energy Taskforce

Taskforce membership:

  • Jane Hunter CEO, Tritium Pty Ltd.
  • Ty Hermans Managing Director, Evolve Group
  • Richard Macchiesi General Manager Insights & Innovation, VISY Industries
  • Craig Wood CEO, Vast Solar Pty Ltd.
  • Dr Dietmar Tourbier Deputy Director/Science Director, CSIRO Energy
  • Dr Heinz Schandl Research Group Leader Urban and Industrial Transformations, CSIRO

View the Recycling and Clean Energy road map.

Defence Taskforce

Taskforce membership:

  • Mark Foster CEO, CEA Technologies
  • Ben Norris CEO, Daronmont Technologies
  • Michael Ward Managing Director, Raytheon Australia
  • Dr Brendan Nelson President, Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific
  • Dr Marcus Zipper Director, Manufacturing Business Unit, CSIRO

View the Defence road map.

Space Taskforce

Taskforce membership:

  • Adam Gilmour CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies
  • Flavia Tata Nardini CEO, Fleet Space Technologies
  • Rod Drury Vice President International, Lockheed Martin Space
  • Dr Ben Greene CEO, Electro Optic Systems
  • Dr Douglas Bock Director Astronomy and Space Science, CSIRO

View the Space road map.

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Last updated: 7 April 2021

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