Policies and initiatives

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We take the lead on national policies and initiatives that grow the Australian economy and improve our industries’ capabilities.

Emissions reduction

Australia’s climate change strategies

We manage and deliver policies and programs to help Australia respond to climate change.

Growing Australia's hydrogen industry

We are enabling Australia’s hydrogen industry to grow and thrive through the National Hydrogen Strategy.

Office of the Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology

Led by Dr Alan Finkel, we support Australia’s climate change and emission reduction strategies across government and internationally.

Reducing emissions through carbon capture, use and storage

Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) is an emerging technology with the potential to reduce emissions from hard-to-abate sectors.

Supporting climate action in the Indo-Pacific region

The Australian Government is developing the Indo-Pacific Carbon Offsets Scheme with partner countries to reduce emissions in the region.

Industry innovation and science

Administering and funding space programs

We're helping Australian businesses participate in the global space market.

Artificial intelligence

We are committed to creating an environment where artificial intelligence (AI) helps the Australian economy and society thrive.

Australian Radioactive Waste Agency

The Australian Radioactive Waste Agency is responsible for managing the nation’s radioactive waste. We are establishing the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

Australian Space Agency

The Australian Space Agency is working to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry.


We are working to realise the productivity and efficiency benefits afforded by blockchain technology.

Boosting innovation and science

The National Innovation and Science Agenda focuses on science, research and innovation as a long-term driver of economic prosperity, jobs and growth.

Co-hosting the SKA telescope

The SKA is a global big-science project to build the world’s largest and most capable radio telescopes. Australia will host an SKA telescope in Western Australia.

Collaborating with China on science and research

The Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) supports strategic science, technology and innovation collaboration between Australia and China.

Collaborating with India on science and research

The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund supports scientists in India and Australia to collaborate on leading-edge research.

Helping industry and businesses harness technology

We are supporting industries and businesses to develop and adopt secure digital technologies for Australia’s future.

Helping to build Australia’s SKA telescope

Find information and support for Australian businesses interested in supplying a world leading telescope in Western Australia.

Increasing international collaboration

Growing Australia’s economy means helping our businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to capitalise on international opportunities to develop and commercialise their innovative products and services.

Industry Growth Centres

Through an industry-led process the Industry Growth Centre Initiative aims to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

Industry Innovation and Science Australia

We advise the Australian Government about innovation, research and science matters.

National Measurement Institute

The National Measurement Institute maintains Australia’s measurement system, national measurement standards, and delivers world-class measurem

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility: community conversations

Community conversations help inform the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility project as it progresses.

Optical astronomy in Australia

The government is supporting a 10-year strategic partnership with the European Southern Observatory and transforming the optical astronomy sector.

Promoting innovation precincts

We provide best-practice advice to drive successful development of innovation precincts, encourage collaboration and promote economic growth.

Science in our department

The government supports wide array of science related activities. Our department leads policy direction and coordination, manages projects and administers programs.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Increasing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) capability is at the core of the government’s science agenda.

Supporting Australia’s manufacturing industry

The Australian Government is committed to helping Australian manufacturers scale up, compete internationally and create jobs.


Energy in our department

The government is taking action to deliver a reliable, secure and affordable energy system.


Critical Minerals Facilitation Office

Through investment, funding, research and international partnerships, we’re expanding supply and creating demand for critical minerals in Australia and globally.

Decommissioning the Northern Endeavour

The Australian Government has committed to decommission the Northern Endeavour floating production storage and offtake (FPSO) facility.

Investing in offshore petroleum exploration

The annual offshore petroleum acreage release attracts investment to explore Australian Commonwealth waters for oil and gas.

Supporting Australia’s resources sector

We develop policy, interventions and projects to support the sustainable development of Australia’s resources sector.


Growing Australian industries through trade

We represent and advocate for industry and the resources sector in negotiating and implementing Free trade agreements (FTAs). We work with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to develop, negotiate and implement Australia’s trade policy agenda.

Business support

AusIndustry: services for Australian businesses and industry

To support economic growth and job creation for all Australians by providing expertise, connections, incentives and grants.

Measurement services

Chemical and biological measurement services

See our range of chemical and biological reference materials, chemical and gas proficiency testing services, and advice about how to deposit biological materials for patents. 

COVID-19 measurement services

The National Measurement Institute's chemical, biological and physical measurement services are now enabling manufacturers and laboratories to quickly and effectively meet the COVID-19 challenge.

Measurement publications

The National Measurement Institute sells a range of physical metrology publications. Visit our Shopify store to browse the full range.

Measurement training and assessment

The National Measurement Institute provide non-accredited training courses for biological, chemical, physical and legal metrology. We also offer nationally accredited assessment for verifiers and weighbridge operators.

Physical measurement services

The National Measurement Institute provide calibration and measurement services using the highest accuracy measurements available in Australia.

Testing and analytical services

The National Measurement Institute provide a diverse range of commercial analytical services in Australia.

Government to government services

APS Blockchain Network

The Australian Public Service (APS) Blockchain Network is a community of practice for blockchain enthusiasts who work in Australian government. All APS employees are welcome to join.

Australian Business Licensing and Information Service

The Australian Business Licence and Information Service is a search tool for potential and existing business operators. It finds licencing and regulation information they need to meet Australian, state and local government obligations.

BizLab Academy

Human Centred Design (HCD) training strengthens citizen-centric decision making, evidence-based policy, and service delivery.

Business Registration Service

The Business Registration Service links together a range of existing government business registration services on business.gov.au to better streamline business registration. Government agencies can direct customers to this service or work with us to integrate with their existing business services.


business.gov.au provides key information about owning and operating a business in Australia. Government agencies can direct their customers to existing content on business.gov.au or contact the business.gov.au team to develop new content.

Grant design and delivery services

The Business Grants Hub works in partnership with government entities to design and implement streamlined grants programs for their customers.

To apply for grants see business.gov.au. For an overview of all government grants see grants.gov.au.


We help government agencies create, deploy and manage interactive and dynamic HTML forms.


VANguard assists Australian, state and local governments to deploy cost effective and secure authentication solutions.