NAIC programs and reports

Read about the National AI Centre's strategic initiatives and programs and view reports that have been published.

NAIC aims to drive a new level of understanding, technology development and adoption of AI in Australia in the years to come. It's achieving this through a series of strategic initiatives and programs. These initiatives are helping grow a well-equipped and capable local AI industry that provides international markets with innovative, scalable and competitive AI solutions.

Getting started with AI

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a business exploring how AI can enhance your competitiveness and optimise productivity, our resources are tailored to support your AI journey.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

We provide free access to the 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' online microskill course.

This course offers a gentle and non-technical introduction on how machines learn from data and explore various use cases and applications of AI. Attendees don't need any prior programming or computer science experience.

View more details and take advantage of the course at TAFE NSW.

AI in Action for Businesses

We are empowering Australian companies to optimise their businesses and enhance competitiveness through the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions. If you are just getting started with artificial intelligence solutions or want to explore more, here you will find some guidance.

SME business briefs

NAIC has prepared the following 3 business briefs for small to medium sized enterprises:

  • Navigating Responsible AI in small and medium businesses.
  • Why AI? An introduction to artificial intelligence for businesses.
  • Preparing small and medium businesses for AI success.

View NAIC SME business briefs.

AI Industry Connection

NAIC hosts a forum to connect Australian businesses interested in emerging AI with AI solutions from Australia’s AI Industry. It also offers access to the latest research from CSIRO. Each event is based on a theme. Bringing together industry leaders and research teams to showcase emerging technology. It then provides the opportunity to discuss how the apply this to current business.

AI solution providers are selected from the NAIC's Ecosystem Discoverability Platform.

In 2023 AI Industry Connection themes included:

  • How AI can make workplaces safer
  • Robotics at work
  • Critical infrastructure (AI in Industry Day).

In 2024 a range of themes will be explored including:

  • Generative AI for work
  • AI for safety
  • AI for climate tech.

Australian AI Ecosystem Discoverability Platform Beta

NAIC is working to support adoption of AI technology across Australian businesses, by helping them connect to AI talent, products and services.

The directory of Australian capabilities aims to enable business adoption of artificial intelligence technologies.

The online form to join the directory is currently closed for further submissions. If you would like to take part in this initiative, email

View the existing AI Ecosystem Discoverability Platform Beta on the CSIRO website.

Resources for Australia's AI industry

The National AI Centre is your trusted partner in navigating AI. Explore curated resources designed to help you unlock the full potential of AI for your business or organisation.

AI Ecosystem Report (December 2023)

This report provides businesses, investors, government and research institutions with the most up-to-date analysis of Australia’s AI ecosystem and how to advance it.

Read the AI Ecosystem Report (December 2023).

Responsible AI network webinars

NAIC hosted several AI focussed workshops over the past year, when part of CSIRO. These workshops included:

  • Introduction to standards for AI
  • Introduction to responsible AI engineering
  • Responsible operation of generative AI in organisations
  • AI concepts, terminology and the AI lifecycle
  • How to implement responsible AI in business
  • Standards for responsible and inclusive AI
  • Defending against deepfakes and dark patterns with AI
  • Data-centric AI
  • AI supporting Australia's transition to a net zero economy.

You can view recordings of the workshops on CSIRO's Data61 YouTube playlist.

Industry access to AI computing infrastructure and services

Is access to AI computing infrastructure and services a key AI issue for organisations?

We spoke to 200 AI practitioners across Australia about the availability of AI computing infrastructure and services for organisations developing, adopting or researching AI.

59% reported no difficulty obtaining end to end services, cloud platforms, pre-configured or pre-trained AI modules, or platforms as a service (PaaS).

However, accessing sovereign AI compute is a bigger challenge, with 75% of AI developers perceiving this to be an important future challenge.

Respondents believed that overall, machine learning was reported to be the AI field with the greatest opportunities. Interestingly, younger organisations tended to note natural language processing as a significant opportunity.

Privacy and security as the main challenge when obtaining AI computing or services over the next 12 months.

Insufficient AI and data literacy was perceived as the second most important change to those seeking to grow AI in Australia.

Read the infographic for a summary of the report:

How to responsibly use AI

We're dedicated to bolstering Australian industry's use of responsible AI, providing best practice guidance, tools and learning opportunities and resources.

National AI Centre's Responsible AI Network

A world-first program bringing together experts, regulatory bodies, training organisations, and practitioners to focus on responsible artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for Australian industry.

We've liaised with a range of expects we have collected a list of critical reading and resources as recommended by our experts.

Learn more about the Responsible AI Network and view the resources.

Implementing Australia's AI Ethics Principles report

NAIC is helping Australian businesses navigate responsible AI principles by exploring practical steps to implement the Australian Government’s eight AI ethics principles.

Read the Implementing Australia's AI Ethics Principles report.

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