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Climate Active

Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to encourage voluntary climate action.

Leading organisations are choosing to reduce their climate impact to zero by becoming carbon neutral.

Climate Active certification is awarded to businesses that have credibly reached net zero emissions. Certification is available for:

  • buildings
  • events
  • organisations
  • precincts
  • products and services

Certification showcases your carbon neutral status and helps the community take individual action by selecting brands showing climate leadership.

To understand the benefits, visit the Climate Active website

Certification for buildings is available through the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) or the Green Building Council of Australia.

Certification for events, organisations, precincts, products and services is available through the department. Email

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard

For your entity to be certified you must meet the requirements of the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

Achieving the standard

To become carbon neutral, businesses and organisations:

  • calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activity, such as fuel or electricity use and travel
  • reduce these emissions as much as possible by investing in new technology or changing the way they operate
  • offset any remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offset units

Once you have cancelled out your emissions you have reached a state called ‘carbon neutral’ and can be certified.

Assistance to gain certification

Your business may need assistance to gain carbon neutrality certification. Registered Consultants can help businesses:

  • apply for carbon neutral certification
  • collect data to prepare a carbon inventory
  • undertake technical assessments of applications and reports

View a list of registered consultants who specialise in Climate Active certification on the Climate Active website.

The Climate Active Technical Guidance Manual will help you with your carbon neutral application and reporting. It covers the step by step processes for each certification category, calculating your emission boundary, purchasing and reporting on offsets, and compliance procedures.

View the Climate Active Technical Guidance Manual [1.2MB PDF] [669KB DOCX]

Licence agreement

To become certified businesses enter into a licence agreement with the department. The licence agreement includes:

  • Terms and conditions for certification against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard and use of the Certification Trade Mark
  • glossary and interpretation
  • fee schedule
  • reporting schedule
  • validation schedule

View the Licence Agreement [320KB PDF] [147KB DOCX]

Technical assessments and third party validation

Assessments ensure carbon neutral claims meet the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

View the Technical assessment for carbon neutral certification [361KB PDF] [177KB DOCX]

Third party validation ensures carbon calculations are accurate and transparent. Organisation’s applying for carbon neutral certification must have their source data independently audited or verified.

View the Third party validation guidance and verification procedures for carbon neutral certification [1MB PDF] [217.3KB DOCX]

Our department’s role

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses.

Our department administers carbon neutral certification and maintains the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, the framework that underpins that certification.

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Last updated: 27 September 2021

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