Communications technologies and services roadmap 2021–2030

Date published:
1 December 2020

Communicating over long and remote distances or difficult terrain is complex.  Satellite communications make it possible to send information across land, sea, sky and space.

The Australian Space Agency's Communications Technologies and Services Roadmap provides a 10 year plan to provide strategic direction to support the growth of the industry. It will secure the future of Australia’s space sector.

The advanced communications roadmap will:

  • inform and guide the pursuit of opportunities
  • identify necessary activities
  • determine supporting conditions.

Priority areas

Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028, identifies the 7 National Civil Space Priority Areas.  Roadmaps align to each of these areas to:   

  • describe a pathway to uplift capability
  • coordinate activities with industry, researchers and government agencies
  • encourage organisations to invest resources and efforts where they want to pursue the opportunities identified in the roadmaps.


Focus segments

The Communications Technologies and Services Roadmap prioritises 6 focus segments. These are the areas of greatest opportunity for the Australian space sector. Focus segments highlight the potential to deliver advantage to Australia over the next decade:

  • low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite services
  • optical ground stations
  • hybrid RF-optical
  • reconfigurable networks, radios, modems and waveforms
  • satellite communication network management tools
  • quantum enabled communications.

These areas interplay to provide a pathway to uplift capability to help triple the size of the Australian space sector by 2030.