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Office of the Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology

The Prime Minister appointed Dr Alan Finkel as Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology in December 2020. Dr Finkel is spearheading the government’s efforts to accelerate the development and commercialisation of low emissions technologies.

Dr Finkel supports and promotes the government’s technology-led approach to reducing emissions. By strategically engaging with key international partners, he works to increase practical collaboration on Australia’s priority low emissions technologies. Dr Finkel is also Chair of the Australian Government’s Technology Investment Advisory Council.

The Office, led by Dr Finkel, supports Australia’s climate change and emission reduction strategies across government and internationally, including through:

  • supporting and expanding technology collaboration with priority trade and strategic partners
  • building relationships and engaging internationally focussing on priority trade and strategic partners
  • driving Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap through collaborating with:
    • governments
    • research institutions
    • business leaders
    • investors
    • industry.
  • supporting Dr Finkel as Chair of the Technology Investment Advisory Council
  • identifying practical and project‑based international collaboration and engagement opportunities to advance our priority low emissions technologies and economic stretch goals
  • promoting Australia’s technology-led approach to reducing emissions, including Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy.

Australia’s international low emissions technology partnerships

The Australian Government is investing in strategic international partnerships. We are partnering with countries who share our technology-led approach to emissions reduction. Dr Finkel plays a key role in brokering our partnerships:   

  • Australia–Republic of Korea low and zero emissions technology partnership: Australia and the Republic of Korea are advancing technologies and trade systems for hydrogen supply, low emissions steel and iron ore, and carbon capture, utilisation and storage.
  • Australia–UK partnership to drive low emissions solutions: Australia and the United Kingdom are working together to make low emissions technologies globally scalable and commercially viable.
  • Australia–Germany Hydrogen Accord: Australia and Germany are working together to accelerate the development of a hydrogen industry under a new hydrogen accord.
  • Australia–Japan partnership on decarbonisation through technology: Australia and Japan are focussing on lower emissions liquid natural gas production, transport and use, clean fuel ammonia, clean hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation and storage, carbon recycling, and low emissions steel and iron ore.
  • Australia–Singapore partnership on low emissions technologies in maritime and port operations: Australia and Singapore are accelerating the deployment of low emissions fuels and technologies like clean hydrogen, battery storage and electrification.
  • Australia–India Letter of Intent on New and Renewable Energy Technology: Australia and India have committed to work together on reducing the cost and scaling up the deployment of ultra low-cost solar and clean hydrogen.

Find out more about our partnerships:

About Dr Alan Finkel

Dr Finkel is a neuroscientist, engineer and entrepreneur. He served as Australia’s Chief Scientist from 2016 to 2020.

Dr Finkel led the development of the:

Dr Finkel also led the:

At the request of National Cabinet, he led a systems and operations review in all states and territories to enable efficient COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, outbreak management and exchange of case and outbreak data.

Dr Finkel is also Chair of Stile Education, and Chair of the Australian Government’s Technology Investment Advisory Council.

Read an overview of Dr Finkel's term as Chief Scientist.

Selected speeches

The Finkel Files: Selected speeches from Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO comprises 47 speeches that had the greatest impact with audiences.

The speeches are selected from over 700 public engagements that Dr Finkel delivered during his five year term.

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