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Industry Growth Centres

Through an industry-led process the Industry Growth Centres Initiative aims to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

The government is funding 6 Growth Centres in sectors of competitive strength and strategic priority.

We administer the Initiative, oversee surrounding policy, and support the Growth Centres Advisory Committee.

Industry Growth Centres Initiative

Industry is best placed to drive cultural change and overcome barriers to innovation, productivity and growth. The government has tasked the Growth Centres with leading cultural change in their sectors. They focus on:

  • increasing collaboration and commercialisation
  • improving international opportunities and market access
  • enhancing management and workforce skills
  • identifying opportunities for regulatory reform

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Growth Centres

The Growth Centres are not-for-profit organisations, each led by a board of industry experts. By building capability and collaborative networks, industry sectors will be able to build stronger futures for themselves.

Each centre has its own Sector Competitiveness Plan describing:

  • the 10-year strategy for the sector
  • identified regulatory reform opportunities
  • Industry Knowledge Priorities such as skills and research requirements

Read how the Growth Centres are making an impact in our Growth Centre success stories and progress report.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, AMGC, is working with the sector to drive cultural change, increase competitiveness, unlock new commercial opportunities and foster innovation.

Activities include:

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Growth Centre, AustCyber, is working with the sector to help increase collaboration, build capability, innovate and participate globally competitive markets.

Activities include:

Food and Agribusiness

The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL), is working with the sector to grow the share of Australian food in the global marketplace.

Activities include:

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals

The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Growth Centre, MTPConnect, is setting direction to establish Australia as an Asia Pacific hub for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Activities include:

Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS)

The Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Growth Centre, METS Ignited, works with Australian mining industry suppliers, global miners, researchers and capital providers to improve competitiveness and productivity of the sector.

Activities include:

Oil, Gas and Energy Resources

The Oil, Gas and Energy Resource Growth Centre, National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) is working with the sector to ensure it is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse.

Activities include:

Collaboration between government and industry

The Growth Centres are helping to align industry and innovation policy initiatives by setting strategic priorities for the:

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Last updated: 10 December 2020

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