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Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project

Hydrogen is a priority low emissions technology for Australia.

The Australian and Victorian Governments are supporting a world-first project to produce hydrogen in Victoria and export it to Japan. The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project tests the liquefied hydrogen supply chain from Australia to Japan.

Benefits and outcomes

This pilot project will contribute to growing Australia’s hydrogen industry. A successful pilot will be an important step towards establishing a commercial hydrogen production and export industry.

The project will:

  • deliver significant economic benefits to Australia
  • build on Australia’s long-standing and productive relationships with Japan.

Project timeline and delivery

The pilot project launched in 2018.

Key elements of the project:

  • produce hydrogen gas from brown coal in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley through a coal gasification and gas-refining process
  • transport the hydrogen gas by truck to a liquefaction and loading terminal at the Port of Hastings, Victoria
  • liquefy the hydrogen gas then load it on to the Suiso Frontier, a specially designed marine carrier for shipment to Japan
  • unload and store the liquefied hydrogen at the terminal in Kobe, Japan.

The first shipment of liquefied hydrogen took place on 21 January 2022.

The decision to move to commercial production will be made in the 2020s, with operations targeted in the 2030s.

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Last updated: 4 February 2022

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