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Growing Australia's hydrogen industry

We are enabling an environment for Australia’s hydrogen industry to grow and thrive.

The global energy sector is transforming. The way we make, move, store and use energy is changing quickly.

Australia’s future energy system will need clean, flexible, storable, and safe fuels. Hydrogen has all of these characteristics.

National Hydrogen Strategy

The COAG Energy Council released the National Hydrogen Strategy to establish Australia’s hydrogen industry as a major global player by 2030.

The National Hydrogen Strategy:

  • considers future scenarios with wide ranging growth possibilities
  • outlines how governments and industry will to work together towards building a large-scale hydrogen industry
  • takes an adaptive approach to allow for future growth and emerging scenarios

The strategy is committed to ensuring Australia’s hydrogen industry is safe for the environment, community, emergency services and industry.

Benefits for Australians

By adding hydrogen to our economy, we can:

  • create jobs, especially in regional areas
  • contribute to a cleaner environment
  • increase prosperity
  • enhance Australia’s fuel security

Future of hydrogen

Australia has an abundance of the natural resources needed to make clean hydrogen. This makes hydrogen an ideal clean energy solution to help power Australia.


  • produces no carbon dioxide emissions when used as a fuel
  • can be produced as a gas or liquid, or made part of other materials
  • can be used as fuel for transport or heating and a way to store electricity

Australia is well placed to be a major hydrogen producer.

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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