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BizLab Academy

We teach Human Centred Design (HCD) principles and techniques to policy, program and service delivery providers across the Australian Public Service (APS) through BizLab Academy. Our training strengthens citizen-centric decision making, evidence-based policy, and service delivery.

Human Centred Design

HCD is a creative and strategic approach to tackling modern, complex problems by putting the user at the heart of designing solutions. It takes into account their complex behaviours, mental models and needs.

This approach helps organisations quickly generate empathy-based ideas and test new prototypes that meet the true needs of the people we’re designing for.

Taking a HCD approach:

  • leads to stronger solutions that better serve the community
  • provides a richer evidence base to inform policy and program development
  • unlocks data and digital potential
  • breaks down silos and supports flatter, more collaborative structures by using self-directed multi-disciplined teams
  • fosters an experimental culture/environment over time

Benefits of training

Our training:

  • supports APS-wide collaboration towards a citizen-centric culture
  • embeds HCD skills in agencies across the APS
  • is fast, hands-on and in a collaborative team environment
  • is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase your agency’s HCD skills
  • creates a common HCD language and clear narrative around emerging tools
  • improves evidence-based decision making
  • supports the drive towards a more innovative, collaborative and transparent APS
  • provides an alumni community for ongoing support

Courses and resources

We’re currently unable to offer our Human Centred Design 1.01 or Train-the-Trainer to APS staff.

Access our course resources online.

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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