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Reporting progress to the UNFCCC

Australia is categorised as an industrialised country under Annex 1 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This means we submit reports regularly to the UNFCCC on our climate change policies and measures.

We maintain our National Greenhouse Accounts and submit:

These reports include details on:

  • Australia's emissions
  • progress towards our targets
  • projections
  • mitigation actions
  • financial, technological and capacity-building support to developing countries

The reports are prepared according to the guidelines and decisions by the UNFCCC Conference of Parties.

The reports are reviewed by teams of international technical experts and serve as inputs for multilateral assessments on countries' progress towards their emissions reduction targets.

View the Review Reports of National Communications and Biennial Reports.

National Communication on Climate Change

View Australia’s National Communication on Climate Change reports on the UNFCCC website:

Biennial Reports

View Australia’s Biennial Reports on the UNFCCC website:

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Last updated: 19 April 2021

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