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Offshore oil and gas drop-in session Newcastle NSW


30 January 2019

Community members are invited to attend a free session in Newcastle to learn about how offshore oil and gas activities are regulated and how they have a say.

Australian Space Agency signs with Lockheed Martin Australia

Australian industry joint statements

29 January 2019

The Australian Space Agency has signed a statement of intent with Lockheed Martin.

Growth Centres helping businesses succeed


23 January 2019

Growth Centres are helping businesses in their sectors to be more innovative, productive and competitive.

Australia and UK sign Mutual Recognition Agreement


19 January 2019

Australia and the UK have signed a new Mutual Recognition Agreement that will ensure continuity for Australian businesses and conformity assessment bodies following Brexit.

Report on the review of the Australian Jobs Act


18 January 2019

We have released a report that reviews the operation of the Jobs Act, which requires developers of major projects worth $500 million or more to provide opportunities for Australian industry.