NMI Gas Reference Mixtures Director Damian Smeulders working with industry at Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling station for heavy transport vehicles.

World Metrology Day is held annually on 20 May. This year marks the first time it has been officially recognised as a UNESCO International Day of Significance. The 2024 theme is ‘We measure today for a sustainable tomorrow.’ 

Australia's peak measurement body, the National Measurement Institute (NMI), plays a key role in supporting this vision of a more sustainable tomorrow. 

Innovations in electrification such as electric vehicles, grid-level renewables and new low-emission fuels like hydrogen are key to ensuring Australia meets its decarbonisation deadlines. 

Our scientists are working on ways to reduce how much carbon we put into the atmosphere by making sure everything to do with energy is correctly calibrated, working efficiently and safely.

With the rising popularity of electric cars, NMI is making sure that electricity dispensers are working correctly. This way, consumers can trust their vehicles are charged properly when using electric charging stations.

Australia is also using more renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. NMI is making sure these energy sources are being measured accurately. This is helping to reduce Australia’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources such as coal.

We are also looking at new fuels like hydrogen, which could be a big part of Australia’s resource future. 

With NMI working to make sure these forms of energy are measured correctly, we are helping Australia move towards a cleaner, greener future.