Wholefoods and health foods in self-serve containers

This is the first concentrated audit of whole food and health food traders across Australia. Products covered include unprocessed foods such as flour, nuts, confectionery, dried fruits, grains, cereals and cleaning products. 

Trade measurement officers will undertake both announced and ‘secret shopper’ trial purchases. They will pay particular attention to stores where over-the-counter transactions require consumers to supply their own container. 

Our officers will also check shop scales and weighing instruments to make sure consumers are only paying for the product they are buying, not the container or packaging. If they find any errors, they will help with providing corrective advice to traders, or if needed, take enforcement action.

Keep an eye out for our trade measurement officers and know they are making sure you get what you pay for.

For further information contact the national trade measurement helpline on 1300 686 664 or email infotm@measurement.gov.au