Video: World Metrology Day 2020

Message from Australia’s Chief Metrologist, Dr Bruce Warrington.
Photo of Chief Metrologist Bruce Warrington


Hello, I’m Bruce Warrington, Australia’s Chief Metrologist and today we are celebrating “World Metrology Day”.

This day celebrates the central role of metrology, or measurement science, in trade, scientific discovery and innovation. 

Today marks the 145th anniversary of the international “Metre Treaty”, establishing a common framework for today’s world-wide uniformity of measurement.

This year’s theme for World Metrology Day is Measurements for global trade.

Around 40% of the Australian economy involves international trade, so the theme recognises the importance of measurement in helping Australians compete effectively in global markets.  

It also reinforces that measurement gives confidence in goods and services, both for Australians and for our trading partners.

Nations can trade confidently because their products and services have been measured and tested against standards, to show they meet specifications or comply with regulations. 

As Australia emerges from coronavirus, this confidence is more important than ever, as Australia looks to its export trade to boost the economy. Measurement will also promote resilient and self-sufficient industry, by enabling innovation and securing access to new global supply chains.

So today we celebrate the role of measurement in global trade, and wish everyone a Happy World Metrology Day!

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