Video: What our Chief Scientist says about the Graduate Program STEM stream

Dr Cathy Foley speaks about the Graduate Program STEM stream
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I’m Cathy Foley, I’m Australia’s Chief Scientist, and my role is to make sure that the government gets the best possible advice and evidence-based information on science and technology that really helps them make the best possible decisions. Taking into account all the other things that make the world go round.

These days, science and technology is absolutely critical to making everything work. We know that it touches every part of every aspect of government and so we need to have more and more science, technologists, and engineers even, coming into the public service so that they can provide their expertise and be able to help the APS make the best possible advice and recommendations to government.

One of the things that’s really amazing about working in the Australian Public Service is that there’s a whole breadth of areas that you can work in. Doesn’t matter whether it’s in Finance, in Agriculture, Health, Manufacturing, Mining, Energy, and it goes on. So therefore, that means you get a chance to work in a whole range of different areas and get that opportunity to see where you can make a difference, and where your passion is as well.

I really urge people who are interested in making a difference, being involved with policy, and wanting to see their STEM skills be used in ways which you just couldn’t dream of. Put your name forward, think about this as a real possible career for you because I know that you’ll find it really satisfying, and also provide a whole range of opportunities for you which you just can’t get anywhere else.