Video: NMI Measurement awards: Bruce Warrington wants you to nominate!

Nominations are now open for two national measurement institute awards: the Barry Inglis Medal, and the NMI Prize.
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Hello, I’m Bruce Warrington, Australia’s Chief Metrologist.

The National Measurement Institute needs your help.

Here at NMI we celebrate all things measurement, from precision techniques in the laboratory to inspectors out in the community in vehicles like this. We want to celebrate achievements in laboratories and industries across the country, so we need your help with nominations for two national awards: the Barry Inglis Medal, and the NMI Prize.

These awards highlight measurement excellence across a very wide range: pushing the limits for an extra decimal place, developing new tools and techniques, and applying these for industry and the community. To take just one example, Arman Siavashi was awarded an NMI Prize in 2018 for studying the freezing point of liquid hydrocarbons, critical for production of liquefied natural gas but also to help understand the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan.

The winners of this year’s awards will be announced on 20 May which is World Metrology Day. The Metre Treaty was first signed on that day in 1875, establishing a common language of measurement around the world. This year’s theme for World Metrology Day is Measurements for global trade, showing how measurement helps Australian businesses innovate and compete in a global market, and helps ensure exports are accepted by our trading partners.

Nominations are now open and close on Tuesday 14 April. We look forward to celebrating your measurements on World Metrology Day.

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