Video: COVID-19: Australia responds - SpeedDX (diagnostics)

NSW company created and commercialised its diagnostic tests for respiratory viruses and STIs with support from Australian Government business programs, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and the Research and Development Tax Incentive program (R&DTI). Now they are re-purposing their diagnostic testing to create a test for COVID-19.
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Hi, I'm Colin Denver. I’m the CEO of SpeeDx based here at Cicada Innovations in Eveleigh, New South Wales. SpeeDx is a molecular diagnostics test developer with novel technology allowing superior multiplexing in detecting infectious diseases.

SpeeDx has been well supported by the Federal and the New South Wales governments by programs such as the Entrepreneurs' Programme but probably our most important source of funding over this time has been the R&D Tax refund. Which has allowed us to build world class research, development and production capabilities locally, allowing us now to respond to this crisis which is COVID-19.

I’ve seen amazing things throughout the last few weeks from the SpeeDx team, and it only highlights how fantastic the resources we have here locally are. And how, ultimately, we’re only going to get through this with a strong Australian healthcare industry.