Video: Covid-19: Australia responds - Social ocean

A marketing agency moved to online services to continue offering events.
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Hi I am Kirsty And I'm the Creative Director at Social Ocean.

My service based marketing agency is located in Clontarf which is about thirty minutes north of the Brisbane Airport in Queensland.

When our venue was shutdown we had to consider whether or not we too would shut down.

But the general consensus of the group was that our educational focused meet-up group was really important and was socially connecting micro business owners in our local area.

So if anyone can access our events now through a virtual component.  

That means that we probably needed to formalise the structure and the technology around that event.

So we did use Zoom but we set up a formal booking room so it had an independent link, to the Zoom room that we already use.

What that means is that each of us who are attending the networking event online are potentially broadening our audience bigger and better than they ever have before.