Video: COVID-19: Australia Responds – ResMed

Australian med-tech manufacturing company ResMed has delivered more than 3,000 ventilators for the nation’s COVID-19 Stockpile.
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ResMed is an Australian born company.

We are proud to help Australia and countries worldwide to address this global pandemic and help save lives.

Not only are we number one globally in sleep apnoea devices and masks we're  actually also a top five global producer of hospital to home ventilators and bi-level devices. Better breathing gives patients a better chance as they fight off the COVID-19 virus. Governments in Australia, the US and elsewhere have supported ResMed hugely by helping our manufacturing sites in Sydney and Singapore get the parts they need to build these life-saving devices.

We applaud healthcare workers worldwide who are risking your own safety to set up patients and our devices. ResMed will work day and night to build ventilators and bi-level devices until every patient who needs one can get one.