Video: Covid-19: Australia responds - Grey Innovation

Victorian company Grey Innovation are working with the Federal and Victorian governments and a consortium of industry partners to produce 2000 medically certified ventilators.
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My name is Jefferson Harcourt

I’m the chairman of the Grey Innovation Group.

Our main focus is medical devices and when this need came up for the ventilators.

We reached out to our friends, companies large and small specialists in medical devices and all sorts of high technology.

We looked very quickly around and we saw the global supply chain is in crisis.

We knew we could respond with a local ventilator program that would deliver a world class product, manufactured locally.

The Government’s support has been phenomenal.

The Federal Government very quickly provided not just financial backing but together with the Victorian Government, resources to support us and our consortium.

The energy behind this is phenomenal so send us your vibes there’s a lot of people working hard everything counts now

Thank you