Video: Covid-19: Australia responds - Ego Pharmaceuticals

With support from the Australian and Victorian Governments, Melbourne-based manufacturer of Aquium hand sanitiser, Ego Pharmaceuticals are increasing their production of sanitiser products and hiring more staff to ensure round the clock production.
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I am Alan Oppenheim, Managing Director of Ego Pharmaceuticals.  

We’re Australia’s largest manufacturer of dermatological products since 1953.

We make our products like QV Gentle Wash and Aqium Hand Sanitiser in our own pharmaceutical plant in Melbourne.

We are doing everything we can to increase production and supply to Australia.

We’re hiring more electricians, more engineers and more fitters.

We’re running 24 hours a day.

Right now, the Government of Victoria and the Government of Australia are working together, to help our raw material suppliers get what they need to us. 

I would like to thank the people of the Governments of Australia and Victoria for working so well together, your champions.

The people of EGO are both humbled and energised in providing the maximum amount of product that we can, to help the community right now and to help drive the economy.

Thank you.